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The Loop like the loop we wish to create between the world of creation and the universe of brands.

The Loop inspires by creating interactions and experiences between brands and artists from all the entertainment industry (music, cinema, arts, TV series, sports…) and its related worlds (fashion, design, e-sports, food, travel).




Understanding collaboration codes with the entertainment industry, its challenges, business models and legal constraints, anticipating trends, mastering the egos of the artists and celebrities are fields of expertise we can offer our clients.

The Loop positions itself as the missing link between creatives and brands, to find the perfect match, to tell great stories and to produce powerful images, while preserving the interests of both parties.

Brands have found an extraordinary field of expression via social networks.

To amplify their voice, they used audience intermediaries now called influencers, renowned and appreciated for their freedom of tone and speech.

However, monetization having rapidly spread to all the strata of this ecosystem, its impact is considerably impaired. Artists and more broadly the entire entertainment industry - musicians, actors, contemporary artists, designers, photographers, chefs, directors, fashion designers, athletes - are today more than ever the fashion makers, the spokespeople for all generations and the sounding boards of change in our society.

At The Loop, we have worked with them for over 20 years. Their creativity and ability to convey emotion is the foundation of our passion and expertise. We believe that they are the brands’ best allies to create or co-create a message, a campaign, a product, a capsule collection or to provide an experience.

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